You Can Help!

If you would like to participate in a clean-up day or sponsor a clean-up please see our activities schedule. If you would like to contribute through providing clean-up tools please contact us.

Monday, June 13, was a very busy day at the CWC Center.   First was the signing of the MOU between Chuuk Public Safety and Chuuk Women’s Council in support of our Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP).  This MOU will strengthen partnerships and collaboration efforts in order to address our responsibilities to maintain peace within the family and community.   An FVU officer at the CWC Center will give the women of the community opportunities to learn more about the program


The special signing ceremony was witnessed by the Public Safety Family Unit officers and participants of a reading workshop and facilitated by trainer Ms. Aileen Otoko from the Department of Education (DOE). The training was conducted in support of the eight graduating seniors who will be teaching the CWC Summer Math and Reading Program, and the mothers of the participating summer program students. 

On the 2nd floor of the Youth and Family Learning Resource Center was the kick-off of the Young Women Empowerment Program, made possible by a grant from Let Girls Learn Fund.  Experienced trained staff facilitated this program under the supervision of CWC Peace Corps Response Volunteer: Ms. Michelle Budwitz.

Ms. Evelyn Adloph, UN Coordination Specialist and UN Joint Presence Initiative FSM, made her first official visit to our center.  It was a great opportunity for us to discuss our programs and how her office can support our program activities, including the CEDAW awareness efforts.  She was impressed with what she saw and learned while observing our many activities.                                                                          

Throughout the week there were visitors who came to the center and learned about all the exciting summer activities taking place at CWC.  Among these visitors were the JICA Mission Team, lead by Mr. Ishizuka Junji, Special Advisor, Environment Management.  With him we shared our Beautification & Clean Up Chuuk programs.

Ms. Chikako Miwa from the Embassy of Japan in the FSM visited CWC to see the facility’s operations.  She was very pleased to learn about CWC’s plethora of programs and the number of community members utilizing the resources the center has to offer.

Monday, June 20th, was the official opening for the Summer Math and Reading Program. Forty excited students, accompanied by their mothers, came to the 2nd floor of the center to begin classes.  Monday through Wednesday will focus on Math & Reading, Thursday will be Kodomo cooking class for 12 of the selected students, and Friday isreserved for fun activities: music, dancing, arts, crafts, and sports.


The first day was an important orientation, in which everyone was introduced and program expectations were explained.   Due to increased demand, we have opened up another enrollment for an afternoon session to start June 27th.  Our summer program will run for six weeks.

With all these activities taking place in the library on the 2nd floor it is clear that we need to air condition this room.  We were fortunate to have received a two hundred dollar ($200.00) donation from a visiting tourist for this purpose.  However, this is insufficient for the purchase of the air conditioning we need for the library.  We are still seeking donations to purchase the needed air condition. 

Thank you and “Kinisou Chapur” to everyone and most especially the parents that have allowed their children to participate in our summer activities.  A special sincere “Kinisou Chapur” to our partners who made our summer activities possible, DOE & Chief. Aileen Otoko and the “Let Girls Learn Fund” and our Honorable Congressman Victor Gouland for funding the summer teachers, the Young Women Empowerment Program and the Kodomo Cooking Class.