You Can Help!

If you would like to participate in a clean-up day or sponsor a clean-up please see our activities schedule. If you would like to contribute through providing clean-up tools please contact us.

Ren omw kopwe sinei ach office Cwc Fiin Chuuk a awora pekin aninis ren osukosukun non famini.

Ka tongeni kekeri 330-8397 ika chuto non ach we office nepukos nukun sekurun Bank of Guam.

A tongeni anisuk non ekkei ran mi afat fan.

For your information our Cwc Fiin Chuuk office now has services to help with domestic violence issues in the family.

You can call 330-8397 or you can come to our office in Nepukos, behind Bank of Guam.

The times we are available to assist are below:

Detective Ginger Katzuda
Wed & Fri @ 9:00 am-3:00 pm