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CWC & Partners Annual Health Fair
World Diabetes Day - November 14, 2017
“Fefiin me Suke:  Ach Pung faniten Pochokulen Aramas Nesor me Pekino”

In celebration of World Diabetes Day, the Chuuk Women’s Council (CWC) hosted the 9th Annual Diabetes Health Fair.  The event was held on November 14th from 9:00am until 3:00pm at the S. M. Poll Memorial Center.   

CWC staff organized this event and invited Chuuk Public Health Services, the College of Micronesia Cooperative Research & Extension program, and the PACAM Home Gardening Program.

A big tent was set up where free blood screening and weighing (BMI) were available to attendees.  In the conference room tables held displays, informational brochures, flyers, and posters for numerous programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles.

The short opening ceremony allowed CWC President, Kiki Stinnett, to outline the event schedule and thank government agencies and partners for participating.  Reverend Perry Killion and Mr. Paul O’toko shared their personal stories of living with diabetes, impressing upon on everyone that eating local healthy nutritious food, regular exercise, and drinking water are the keys to managing diabetes.  Both credited their wives and families with helping them manage their daily diets and activities.

Over seventy people attended this Diabetes Health Fair and cycled through displays and benefited from what they saw and heard during the day. 

Ms. Jacinta Lippwe presented a refresher on the Diabetes Cancer and Tobacco Education Materials.  Outreach education and prevention packets were distributed to attendees as part of the diabetes month activities.  Those who participated in diabetes screening and counseling received gift incentives including diabetic socks, diabetic health “passports”, home gardening booklets, and various education & prevention materials. 

The USAID/CWC PACAM team participated in the event with Food Safety & Security Expert, Julian Sivas, and Project Coordinator, Mary Rose, promoting the Home Gardening Program and Home Garden Booklet.

PACAM Project Sapuk Community Liaison, Erlip, presented results from the local crops seedling exchange which included, 47 sweet taro, 1 sweet potato, 17 swamp taro, 8 banana, 2 cherry pepper, and 4 Japanese taro seedlings.  Home gardeners brought produce for sale.  Bananas, banana chips, and greens were in great demand. Most participants in the Diabetes Day Fair were excited about the home gardening project and the seedling exchanges activities.

Deep appreciation is expressed to Chuuk State Public Health Services, NCD (Diabetes Team), College of Micronesia CRE program, and other partners that supported the event to promote health and quality of life in Chuuk.

Submitted by:  Kiki Stinnett