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If you would like to participate in a clean-up day or sponsor a clean-up please see our activities schedule. If you would like to contribute through providing clean-up tools please contact us.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions of CWC members:

Chuuk Womens Council

What does the CWC do?

The Chuuk Women’s Council organizes members of women’s groups from the different islands of Chuuk in order to work on community development programs in the areas of- health, education, environment, women’s economic advancement, traditional and cultural preservation, communication and technology, human rights (CEDAW), and discrimination against women.

Where does the CWC work?

The CWC offices are at the SM Poll Memorial Wellness Center.

The CWC conducts it community-service work on Weno, inside and outside the Chuuk lagoon.

What is the status of women in Chuuk?

In Chuuk as wives and mothers, women have many roles- managing the home, raising the children, managing the money of the household, and participating in church activities. Socially women are expected to remain submissive of men. Men have yet to accept women’s leadership in politics, all congress seats are held by men. In traditional culture, women are expected to bow in the presence of men.

How is my donation spent?

Your donation will be used toward funding CWC programs. Overhead funds at the CWC are very low and we are sure to put your donation to use where you chose to specify. When making a donation, please indicate which program you would like to contribute to (see list of CWC projects to choose from).