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Children in ChuukThe CWC recognizes, along with the FSM Millennium Development Report 2011, that “education is the key anti-poverty strategy.” We believe that improving education throughout Chuuk State will help to combat other issues, such as those identified in our Japan Special Fund and ADB funded community consultations. Communities in Chuuk identified Social Issues, Income Generation, Education, Health Services, and Infrastructure as their top five priorities for public sector funds use. At CWC, we believe that education is the most important way to promote improvement in all five of these areas. Here are some of the ways that we are focusing on education:

Adopt-A-School Program

This pilot project at Mwan Elementary Schoadopt-a-schoolol

The goal of our Adopt-A-School program is to strengthen parental involvement and engagement in their children’s learning. Here at the CWC, we firmly believe that “Parents are the First Teachers” of their children, and we seek to support parents in their critical role. The cornerstone of the program is a “Home Curriculum” to strengthen character and promote values learning. The Home Curriculum includes things like:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Love
  • Care
  • Discipline
  • Manners

Our hope is to increase children’s physical, mental, and spiritual health and give them important tools to succeed in school.

The Adopt-A-School Program works closely with the Parent-Teacher Association at its pilot school. Besides promoting a home curriculum, it also:
--Encourages a parents volunteer program
--Monitors teacher attendance
--Promotes better communication between parents and the school

Short Assessments for Literacy

The purpose of the Short Assessments for Literacy (SAL) is to assess students’ literacy level, give teachers and principals tools to implement informed curriculum changes, and gain greater support from Chuuk’s Department of Education.

Through the work of the CWC, Short Assessments for Literacy are being administered in all the elementary schools of Chuuk. Teachers will be given SAL results with explanations. We plan to work with the Chuuk Department of Education to promote the SAL as an important formative assessment for grades K5-3 at all elementary schools.

Summer Reading Program

We invite students to participate in our Summer Reading Program to improve their literacy and to keep them engaged in learning throughout the year. “Reading is Fun!”

Youth and Family Learning Resource Center

Kid's ZoneThe 2nd Floor of the CWC/SMPoll Memorial Wellness Center is dedicated to education. The 2nd Floor is the Youth and Family Learning Resource Center, and was funded by the Government of Japan. It includes a Library, Kids’ Zone, Computer Lab, Media Room, Office Space, and Volunteer Residence. The Second Floor provides a safe and productive environment with learning materials to encourage the intellectual growth of children, youth, and families in Chuuk.