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Chuukese handicraftsThe Chuuk Women's Council seeks to reintroduce and preserve traditional Chuukese culture, including weaving and handicraft production, local music and dance, and gardening practices.

What CWC Does to Preserve Chuuk’s Culture

The CWC provides training in traditional handicraft making such as weaving, crochet, embroidering and lei making as home-based income generating activities.

The Fiin Chuuk Gift Shop is operated by the CWC, where artists of the Chuuk islands can showcase and sell their handicrafts.

Another related endeavor of the CWC is the Small Micro Enterprise Development program in which women can learn skills such as sewing and weaving so they can make and sell handicrafts for economic development.

What it Means to Preserve Chuuk’s Culture

In order to preserve the culture of Chuuk we much find a place for traditional practices such as dancing, singing, crafting, storytelling, chanting, and eating local food. We must teach our children our traditions and practices so our culture will remain strong.

Chuukese Girls Dancing

Chuuk’s Culture as it Should Be

Chuuk’s culture should be one that values respect, honesty, harmony with the environment, appreciation for life, peace, and strong family ties.

Our culture is changing with the influence of media, financial demands, and Western practices. These changes have brought about both positive and negative results.

Who is Helping to Preserve Chuuk’s Culture

Organizations that help to preserve Chuuk’s culture are the CWC members, traditional leaders, churches, and civic organizations working in Chuuk.